Happy Endings

Everybody deserves one

Founded in 2014 by YBF Baking Award Winner (2017), Terri Mercieca, Happy Endings has turned the London dessert scene on its head. Our creative range of ice cream products combine modern and traditional techniques to create desserts that are bold in flavour, temper sweetness with savoury and balance textures. 

Our company is built on a focus of quality, not just in the food we produce and service we provide, which are, of course, paramount, but also in the relationships we build. Whether it’s our customers, our suppliers, our community or our team, we know that good things comes to businesses who care. That’s why you won’t find us serving products with lower quality substitutes to pad out our margins or purchasing from anything but the most ethical supplier chains.


Our ice cream sandwiches range is produced in East London, in line with food safety regulations and packaged with allergen information (nutritional information is available upon request). We use Original Beans chocolate and sustainable produce wherever possible and package our treats in 100% recyclable packaging. Deliveries, through our specialised courier partners, are optimised to minimise our carbon footprint.