Happy Endings HQ

It’s been an incredible 4 years for us at Happy Endings. We’ve grown from a one woman band into a full-time, team led operation, so it’s no surprise that the time has come for us to grow into a bigger (and better) production kitchen.

We’re in the process of kitting out Arch 437, Burdett Road (follow our progress via Instagram) into the most badass headquarters the Happy Endings team has ever seen. For the next week, we’ll be donning our overalls instead of aprons but after a short break from ice cream making, we will be back with a bang. What’s more, you can expect us to start hosting some pretty cool ice cream workshops for the public, training days for our wholesale partners and other great events.

We’re taking wholesale orders again from the 19th of November (with first orders delivered on the 26th) and will be posting about our workshops and event from December onwards. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear all about it.

Terri Mercieca